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The Stilwell House

Texture Effects Bundle

Texture Effects Bundle

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The perfect tool for creators. This Bundle contains a variety of textures that are easily applied with a trowel or brush, or can be incorporated with a stencil to add depth and texture to your artwork. View our showcase of innovative textured techniques.

This bundle includes:-8oz VP Antico,

- 8ox Fine Stone
- 8oz Pearl Plaster
-8 oz CrackleTex*
- 10 oz Salt wash
- Synthetic Small Brush

To achieve varying interesting and distinct effects, we suggest purchasing two or three contrasting paints. You can also mix in ChalkPaints® or DIY Paints to your pasts to add a unique tint to the pastes, or simply use  the texture pastes they are.

Link to Salt Wash information is here.

These  items in the bundles do come in larger sizes : 16 oz.

Ensure that you use a premium water-based sealer to safeguard your artwork. For furniture pieces, we highly recommend using DIY's Big Top or Annie Sloan's Lacquer. For art pieces, both Liquid Patina and Artisan Enhancements' indoor/outdoor sealers (Clear Top Coat and Clear Finish are effective. Alternatively, you can use wax. Please note that DIY Wax and Annie's wax are also available.

*When applying IOD  transfers with Crackle text, it is best to seal the transfer first and allow it to fully cure before using the crackle product. Please note that using any crackle product over transfers, in general, may affect adhesion and cause the transfer to lift or crack or become damaged.  At the Stilwell House, while we have had great success using our products together, however  we want to ensure you are aware of potential risks.

Why We Love it?

What's not to love about plant based products that have low VOCs?

We here at The Stilwell House have very picky noses so when we craft we want to be able to do it indoors and not bug anyone who might come into our shop or home.

And just because they're natural as can be does not mean we don't get a wonderful beautiful finish! These finishes are exceptional!

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Most of our Wood Cuts are made to order. Please allow 5-7 business days to cut or process your kit.

Preorders and Customized Hand-painted Items can take up to 2 weeks to assemble and paint to your specifications.

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