Artisan Enhancements - Clear Finish

Artisan Enhancements™ Clear Finish Acrylic Varnish, formulated for ultimate clarity. Solvent-free, non-toxic, zero VOC and environmentally friendly.

  • Available in both Satin / Semi-Gloss and Matte Sheen Acrylic Varnish.
  • Water-based.
  • Non-yellowing.
  • Ideal for white painted finishes.


Artisan Enhancements™ Clear Finish Acrylic Varnish 

Clear Finish is a non-yell


owing, water-based, high-quality acrylic varnish.  Clear Finish was developed to provide ultimate clarity. Clear Finish can be used to finish painted indoor projects and surfaces. Once cured, Clear Finish dries brilliantly clear and provides interior surfaces with a protective coating. Clear Finish is a fast drying and easy-to-apply coating. Great for a variety of interior applications and surfaces such as: furniture, cabinetry, decorative arts, wood, leafing  and metallic foils. Formulated with advanced next generation bio-based chemistry – Clear Finish is solvent-free, non-toxic, zero VOC, and eco-friendly!


How To Use

Use:Clear Finish dries brilliantly clear and provides interior surfaces with a protective coating. Clear Finish is a fast drying and easy-to-apply varnish. Great for a variety of interior applications and surfaces such as: furniture, cabinetry, decorative arts, wood, leafing and metallic foils. Coverage- Approx. 140 Sq.Ft (13 square metres) per 32oz (945ml).

Prep: Review tip sheets or visit a local retailer for additional and detailed instructions. Properly prepared surfaces should be dry before application. Surfaces should be free of cleaner residue, dust, dirt, and debris. Before sealing the entire surface, a test spot is recommended to help detect tannin/stain bleed-through or interference from the surface.

Recommended Application: Stir from bottom up before use – Do not shake. Using a quality varnish brush, evenly apply one thin coat of Clear Finish. Apply two even, thin coats for full coverage. Up to four coats of Clear Finish can be applied depending on the desired sheen. Allow each coat to dry before applying additional coats. For best results, allow each coat to dry 8-12 hours. Do not apply product when air and surface temperatures are below 50°F (10°C).

Cure: Minimum cure time of 72 hours before use. For optimal results, allow surfaces to cure up to 1 week before use. Cure times may be extended due to number of coats, humidity, and cooler temperatures.

Care/Cleanup: Surface Care – Clean with a dry or damp soft microfiber cloth. Avoid excessive exposure to moisture. Avoid cleaning with harsh, caustic, or abrasive cleaners. Clean up & Storage- Easy clean up with soap and water. Seal the container tightly. Do not freeze or expose to direct sunlight/extreme heat. RECYCLE CONTAINERS in accordance with local laws.


Sealers, Topcoats and Varnishes FAQ:

If painting, for an ultra-smooth finish, first make sure your paint layer is painted using a brush designed for a smooth application such as our Flat Brush or Oval Brush. If the paint layer is not smooth, the sealer and varnishes will highlight any inconsistency and texture in the paint.

For a super ultra-smooth paint layer use a finishing sandpaper (500 - 1000 grit) and very lightly sand the painted surface by hand to remove texture before sealing.

Apply sealers using a high-quality varnish brush like our 37mm Flat Brush or 37mm Oval Brush. Both brushes were designed for smooth application and are fine tipped to lessen the chance of brush strokes.
White rings and spots are typically the result of water and/or condensation. To avoid water rings and spots be sure to use proper care. Wipe up spills, condensation, and liquid as quickly as possible. Protect tabletop surfaces with coasters, heat and place mats.

If wiped up quickly, most rings and spots will disappear once the surface dries.
If Clear Finish has a hazy or cloudy appearance, it is typically the result of trapped moisture. Occasionally this will happen if the first coat was applied over the second coat too soon or water/moisture was introduced to the surface before it dried or cured. The moisture/excess water is usually from wet tools or using the surface before it has cured fully. Extend the dry and cure time until surface no longer looks cloudy.
If the Clear Topcoat sealed surface feels “moist” or “tacky” one of the following reasons could be the cause:
  • Too much product has been applied. A common issue usually stemming from the use of an improper tool for application or not off-loading excess product from the tool before applying the sealer to the surface. Always use a quality varnish brush or varnish roller. Sealer should go on looking “wet”, not white “milky” with proper application. If too much Clear Topcoat was used extend the dry and cure time until surface no longer feels moist or tacky.
  • Humidity and temperature can affect the dry time. Allow an extra 24 – 48 hours if conditions are particularly cold or warm + humid.
  • Not enough dry time between coats. Be sure to allow 24 hours between each coat of Clear Topcoat.
  • Too many coats have been applied. Only two coats of Clear Topcoat are needed for full coverage.
Helpful hint: If you live in a region with humid warm months a dehumidifier or moisture absorbers (like the kind used for basements) can help pull moisture from the surface and help maintain cure times.
Clear Topcoat can be diluted up to 10% but all dilutions will change the characteristics of the sealer. Meaning, the dry times, cure times, durability and sheen maybe different after dilution. If diluting, we recommend starting with a 5% dilution of water on a test sample.

Clear Topcoat Sealer can be sprayed. But requires a quality sprayer, fine mist nozzles, and sometimes a bit of dilution (but only if needed). Always be sure to test your spray pressure, your mist setting, and dilution before attempting on a piece.

Paint sprayer pressure: 1500-2500 psi
Paint sprayer nozzle: 0.013 - 0.017

Clear Finish cannot be diluted or sprayed. If a sprayed finish is desired, we recommend using Clear Topcoat.
Yes! Both Clear Topcoat and Clear Finish can be applied with a brush or a roller. The basic brush application can be found on the tip sheets for both Clear Topcoat and Clear Finish. If applying sealers with a roller, we recommend a high-density foam roller (often called “smooth”, “cabinet/door” or “varnish” roller). High-density foam rollers produce a smoother finish. High density foam rollers are less likely to leave lint, fibers, and texture in the final coat of varnish/sealer.
Clear Topcoat sealer is a soya oil "penetrating sealer" which means Clear Topcoat penetrates deep below the painted/stained layers to the surface. Clear Topcoat creates a high-performance durable bond between the layers of paint/stain and surface. As the sealer soaks into the layers and surface, occasionally the sealer will re-wet or activate things such as tannins or cleaner residue below the paint or stain (sometimes invisible to the naked eye). If painting then sealing with Clear Topcoat, we recommend the surface be sealed and cleaned first with mild cleaner followed by warm water to remove any cleaner residue prior to painting. After painting, we recommend a small test spot of sealer to look for potential bleeds and surface reaction.
Clear Topcoat sealer can be used as an alternative to shellac to seal porous surfaces (like concrete or raw wood) or to prime surfaces prior to painting (great for surfaces susceptible to bleed through or have an odor). We recommend using two thin coats of Clear Topcoat sealer for a full coverage seal. Apply one thin coat of sealer and allow it to dry 24 hours before applying a second coat. Allow sealed surface to cure 72 hours before painting.
Weight 1.22 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 3.75 in

Satin / Semi-Gloss (Original), Matte (New 2021)


Small 8oz (237ml), Medium 16 oz (473ml), Large 32oz (957ml)


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