Artisan Enhancements™ VP Antico

VP Antico is a thick water-based plaster medium used to create smooth and textured venetian plaster effects. Formulated with advanced next generation bio-based chemistry – VP Antico is non-toxic, zero VOC, and eco-friendly!

How To Use

Use: An ideal medium for embossing, relief, and troweled techniques. Layer VP Antico with Crackle Tex to achieve weathered plaster finishes. VP Antico has a tintable white base, perfect for developing custom light and pastel colored finishes. Great for a variety of interior and exterior projects such as:  furniture, cabinetry, decorative arts, and walls. Coverage- Varies based on application.

Prep: Review tip sheets online or visit your local retailer for additional detailed instructions. Surfaces should be free of cleaner residue, dust, dirt, and debris. If painting a base-coat, paint should be completely dry 24 hours before applying plaster. Porous or untreated surfaces may need to be sealed with Artisan Enhancements™ Clear Topcoat prior to plaster application.

Recommended Application: Stir before use – Do not shake. Brush/trowel/roll-on VP Antico to a dry prepared or base painted surface to achieve a variety of finishes. For easy stencil relief and heavy plaster techniques – Use a Color Shaper or trowel to apply plaster to a prepared surface. For an overall textured effect – Use a roller to apply plaster to a prepared surface. Create plaster crackle effects by layering VP Antico with Crackle Tex. Tinting – VP Antico can be tinted with a variety of pigment sources including universal tint systems, water-based paints, and mineral pigments ( start with mix of 3 part VP Antico to 1 part tint). If plaster is loose, allow air exposure for a more structured application. Once dry, VP Antico can be burnished or polished. If needed, lightly sand with 400 grit paper to remove sharp edges or to achieve a smooth finish.

Dry Time: Do not apply product when air and surface temperatures are below 50°F (10°C). Allow plaster layer to dry overnight before applying additional layers or sealing. If adding more layers of paint, plaster, glaze, or a color wash – Once first layer of plaster is dry, a thin layer of Artisan Enhancements™ Clear Topcoat may be needed to protect the plaster layer from reopening with moisture. Dry times between layers/sealer may be extended due to number of coats/layers, humidity, and cooler temperatures.

 Seal: Seal with Artisan Enhancements™ sealers or wax. Use Clear Topcoat, 1 week cure before exposure to elements.

Care/Cleanup: Surface Care: Clean with a dry or damp soft microfiber cloth. Avoid excessive exposure to moisture. Avoid cleaning with harsh, caustic, or abrasive cleaners. Clean up & Storage: Easy clean up with soap and water. Seal the container tightly. Do not freeze or expose to direct sunlight/extreme heat. RECYCLE CONTAINERS in accordance with local laws.

Textures and Plasters FAQ:

After opening and exposure to air, plasters can become thicker and dry out over time due to moisture evaporation. Always make sure to close containers tightly after each use to maintain consistency. You can optionally add a small amount (thin layer) of clean water over the used product to to create a "skin" or barrier to the air inside the container.
Our plasters are thick bodied water-based mediums. Overtime, the plaster can settle. When this occurs, liquid can rise to the top.  Before beginning any project, it is important to always stir the product from the bottom up in the container. Making sure any potentially settled materials are reincorporated.
VP Antico can be burnished and polished once dry. To burnish VP Antico, using a fine grit sandpaper (400 - 1000 grit depending on level of polish desired) very lightly sand the plaster. Work in small circles until the level of sheen or polish is achieved. The higher grit sandpaper will produce a smoother higher polish. Wipe the surface with a slightly damp cloth to remove plaster dust from sanding before adding additional layers or sealer.
Yes! All Artisan Enhancements™ plasters can be used outdoors with proper prep, application, sealing, and care. Review product tip sheets to learn more about outdoor applications, sealing, and care.
Technically…Yes! But it may take some experimentation to determine the desired effect, mixture, and dry time.

Mix Fine Stone and VP Antico to achieve a heavier textured application. As the combination dries, a natural crack pattern can appear depending on the ratio of Fine Stone to VP Antico.

Another popular combination is Fine Stone and Pearl Plaster to achieve a shimmery stone finish!
YES! All Artisan Enhancements™ Plasters can be used to create relief or embossed stenciled techniques. To create a relief stencil, load a small amount of plaster to a roller, stencil brush, or edge of a Color Shaper/Palette Knife. Using desired tool, push the plaster through the stencil with light pressure. Lift the stencil to reveal a relief pattern!
YES! All Artisan Enhancements Plasters come as a tintable base. Our plasters can be tinted with a variety of pigment sources including universal tint systems, water-based paints, and mineral pigments. When tinting we recommend starting with a mix of 3-part plaster to 1-part tint. Add more tint or pigment source as needed to achieve the desired color.
Our plasters can be applied with a variety of tools! Brushes, rollers, trowels, sponges, Color Shapers, and drywall knives are just some of the tools used to apply our plasters. Review product tip sheets to learn more about various application methods and different tools.
Weight 1.81 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 3.75 in

Small 8oz (237ml), Medium 16 oz (473ml), Large 32oz (957ml)


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