Collection: Craft Wood Surfaces

Welcome to our collection of artisanal and craft wood surfaces. We provide you with excellent wooden surfaces that are perfect for unleashing your creativity and making something truly unique. These are suitable for various crafts, such as wood burning, staining, painting, stamping, and decoupage. You name it! Whether you're an experienced crafter or just starting out, we have the perfect blank surface for your next project.

  • Basic Wooden Shapes

    We can cut just about any shape any size, and ship to you - use the form below to get a quote for your customized laser service experience!

  • ChicaTiza Laser Art Kits

    Our Laser cutting capabilities are at your service! Link below to see our Seasonal Chica Tiza Craft Kits

    ChicaTiza Craft kit Collections 
  • TIered and Small

    Find our small Tiered tray or Ornament Craft Kits! Customize your craft box by selecting variety of high quality paints and personalize your very own mini decor!

    Chica Tiza Small Collections 
  • Column

    Wood U Bend is a fantastic way to enhance your projects big or small!

    Shop WoodUBend 

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