Artisan Enhancement Brushes

Artisan Enhancements™ has partnered with Nour Trading House Inc. to bring you a brand-new premium line of specialty brushes! After a series of specific application testing with the Artisan Enhancements™ product line we have selected a collection of four specialty brushes. Each brush was developed specifically for decorative painting and furniture finishing projects. The brushes are designed to be used in the application of specialty paints, sealers, mediums, and waxes and perform exceptionally well with all Artisan Enhancements™ products.

Nour Trading House Inc. has been perfecting paint brushes since 1978 and continues to be passionate about creating superior paint tools, applicators, and brushes. Nour brushes are handcrafted and feature unmatched filament quality. Nour meticulously processes and conditions their brushes to provide painters with exceptional finish results. As part of our sustainable ethos, Nour brushes are extremely well-made, constructed to be durable and long-lasting.

Crafting Perfection since 1978.

For more than 25 years, Nour Trading House Inc. has been dedicated to developing the best painting tools available in the market. From selecting the finest natural bristle to crafting exceptional synthetic filament brushes – every product is designed for outstanding performance. Professional painters prefer Nour.

While numerous paintbrush manufacturers put their filaments through 2 stages of processing, Nour goes the extra mile and puts many of their paintbrush filaments through up to 10 separate stages of processing, thus creating an unmatched filament quality. The surface of their filaments are conditioned using proprietary techniques in order to achieve easier cleanability, increased resistance to curling and flaring, and increased paint pickup and release ratio.

Tips of filament are cut in order to create split ends. This gives a paintbrush an increased brush head surface area thus increasing the amount of paint that can be loaded, a regulated flow of paint preventing dumping or dripping, and finer tips that leave the paint surface smoother.  Synthetic brushes use mixes of TynexOrel, and Chinextapered filaments which are further processed in-house to ensure a spectacular finish.