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Artisan Enhancements

Clear Finish -Satin SemiGloss

Clear Finish -Satin SemiGloss

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Artisan Enhancements™ Clear Finish Acrylic Varnish, formulated for ultimate clarity. Solvent-free, non-toxic, zero VOC and environmentally friendly.

  • Available in both Satin / Semi-Gloss and Matte Sheen Acrylic Varnish.
  • Water-based.
  • Non-yellowing.
  • Ideal for white painted finishes.

A multi-purpose professional decorative product, perfect for every Artisan.

Clear Finish is a non-yellowing, water-based, high-quality acrylic varnish.  Clear Finish was developed to provide ultimate clarity. Clear Finish can be used to finish painted indoor projects and surfaces. Once cured, Clear Finish dries brilliantly clear and provides interior surfaces with a protective coating. Clear Finish is a fast drying and easy-to-apply coating. Great for a variety of interior applications and surfaces such as: furniture, cabinetry, decorative arts, wood, leafing  and metallic foils. Formulated with advanced next generation bio-based chemistry – Clear Finish is solvent-free, non-toxic, zero VOC, and eco-friendly!

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Uses & Highlights:

  • Varnish - provides interior surfaces with a protective coating
  • Fast drying and easy application
  • Great for a variety of interior applications and surfaces such as: furniture, cabinetry, decorative arts, wood, leafing and metallic foils.
  • Coverage- Approx. 140 Sq.Ft (13 square metres) per 32oz (945ml)

Clear Finish is a water based, NO VOC, acrylic varnish. But PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE USED WITH WAX! ....Let's repeat that- this does NOT go over wax!

Helpful Info: 

It is white in color, but will dry clear - as long as it is applied in a uniform, thin coat.

It also works well over foils, all white colored paints, cabinets or anything you want to have a higher sheen on

It is important to apply using a brush specifically made for "varnishes."  Acrylic finishes are durable and less moisture permeable, but all acrylic coatings are prone to water spotting, discoloration, and staining if spills are not wiped up immediately and left to sit. If spills are left sit on the surface, even if they are just water...discoloration, spotting, and staining can happen. Standard care for Clear Finish is the same as Clear Wax. Spills and condensation should be wiped up immediately to avoid permanent discoloration, spotting, and staining


Why We Love it?

What's not to love about plant based products that have low VOCs?

We here at The Stilwell House have very picky noses so when we craft we want to be able to do it indoors and not bug anyone who might come into our shop or home.

And just because they're natural as can be does not mean we don't get a wonderful beautiful finish! These finishes are exceptional!

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