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Flower Burst Hi - Round Wood Door Sign | Hanger | ChicaTiza

Flower Burst Hi - Round Wood Door Sign | Hanger | ChicaTiza

Looking for a great way to dress up your doorway? This Door hanger is the perfect addition to add personality and charm to your home while greeting your family and guests!



$42.99 USD

Features: What's In the Box?

This kit includes all the blank wooden pieces needed to create this items pictured.

Each piece is precision laser-cut birch or maple ply so you can stain or paint to suit your preference!

We will include paint, stains, paintbrushes, and twine, embellishments where applicable - to help complete the look!

Please  be sure to pick your colors If no selections are made. we will send you just the blanks without paint. So be sure you're checking the boxes!

Product Specs

The Door Rounds are 18inches

  • 1/4 inch  (4-5 mm inch) Birch, Maple or Oak ply - Depends on availability.
  • 1/8 to1/4“ (3mm-5mm ) stainable wood elements that nestle and layer.
  • Each piece will have a dark edge as it is laser cut to order
  • Hanger is ao something else that you’d prefer. 

  • Most Door Signs can be made from 12 inches to up to 24 inches. Ask for a quote for anything larger than a 18 inch..

Tiered Tray includes:

  • all the pieces that nestle together but not the tray itself. WIll Fit an average tray.
  • Typicaly the largest piece is 5.5-6 inches.
  • Make excellent ornaments for year round-trees!
  • We can make any pieces larger - if you'd like a specific part, let us know.

Chunky Shelf Sitters are approximately 4.5 x 15 inches x .75inches thick.

Smaller Signs will have the sizes clearly spelled out in the name of the option for you. but they can vary from 3-8 inches.

Vertical Signs: typically will include embellishments for a 4-6 foot sign. Each listing will have its specific sizes

Painting and Building with your ChicaTiza Kit

Why We Love it?

WIth ChicaTiza kits you get the full customizable experience that you wont get at a big box store!

  • The entire kit arrives at your doorstep ready to be made special by your own hands!
  • Our ChicaTiza Laser Art kits are made to order from beautifully laser-cut Birch or Maple Ply, Sometimes we might find other fine ply's. This is not typically the case with what you get elsewhere (typically they will use MDF, or Balsa or Basswood which does flake)

  • ChicaTiza Kits make excellent gifts, for the creative in your life and can be as straightforward as painting each piece a single color or getting fancy with shading with the paint provided or use your own.

  • Tiered Tray Kits make excellent Ornaments for year-round trees.

Additional Information

Seasonal Items might not be available all year round, but if you like what you see and really wanna get some done sooner than 2-3 months prior to that Season, Just ask, and we will make a special run of your project blanks. 


Hey Makers! Thanks for checking us out online! 

At the Stilwell House,  we had a vision where friends can get together and make it a paint night of sorts! So we created the Make it a Party Discount, which  takes 20% off at check out when you purchase 6 DIY KITS of any size. We wanted to make these fun events  accessible to you... and your friends. You don't need to do anything, just add 6 kit of any size and boom, at check out you will see cost drop off the total!






Proessing and Shipping

We take every measure to process and ship your special item within 3-5 business days. Though don't be surprised if we some times have it together and send it out the same day!

Most of our Wood Cuts are made to order. Please allow 5-7 business days to cut or process/ cut your kit.

See our Shipping Policy

Please keep in mind that If there are any preorders in your cart at the time of purchase we will make every effort to send those out as soon as they are available along with your entire order.

To avoid any delays, please consider doing separate transactions if you would like to get some of your goodies as soon as possible!

Shipping Measurements


Length:20 in

Width: 20 in

Height:2 in

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