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Painterly Blendable Furniture / ArtPaint

Painterly Blendable Furniture / ArtPaint

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 The definition of Painterly, outside the rules of traditional artistry. It is a loose, user-friendly paint for anyone who loves the creative process..  Painterly is a unique type of artist paint for furniture, decor and canvas. Painterly and DIY clay based paint are made blend together perfectly. Painterly dries matte and can be deepened with a top coat or wax.

 Embracing a loose and non-traditional approach, painterly is designed to offer the brilliance and heavy body of an acrylic paint with the blendability and reactivation of a water color. Painterly is non acrylic, not clay based and not a water color paint. This unique artistic formula blurs the lines between furniture art and traditional painting. Painterly comes in tubes and is known for its heavy-bodied, highly pigmented ,thick consistency

 Made using Japanese pigments, this non-acrylic artist furniture paint is blendable and water-activated. It lives outside the rules of artistry and is a non-traditional paint for everyone!


    Each individual tube works well together with other painterlies and with our Chalk or MIneral paints. Highly pigmented and full-bodied perfect for canvas painting or furniture painting!

    Product Specs

    4 fl Oz in each tube

    Why We Love it?

    Here at The Stilwell House we experienced first hand the dreamy combination of DIY clay chalk paint and applied it directly to furniture to create a maximalist dream in a little girl's bedroom set. The blended effects with occassional highlights just made the process so much easeier. And honestly the colors are beautiful. We also understand that some of the colors do glow under a blue light. These pigments will not dissapoint. Stay tuned as we bring you more videos to you!

    How To Use

    How do we use these? So many ways! here are a few...

    - Dry brush over painted raiseed surface

    -to mix into white to make new colors or intensify existing color

    On Canvas or on ppaperLike a water color or acrylic

    - with stencils: gently brush over a stencil to have a soft effect

    - the sky is the limit!!!

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