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DIY Debbies Design Diary

DIY Making Powders

DIY Making Powders

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Debi’S Design Diary Making Powders

Debi's Design Diary Making Powders are a versatile! These powders offer endless possibilities for enhancing your painting techniques and adding depth and dimension to your artwork. 

We love to use them to enhance the already pigmented colors by adding more dept. 

Here are some ways you can use the 12 available Debi's Design Diary Making Powders:

1. Blended Colors: Sprinkle these powders onto wet paint to achieve beautifully blended colors in your artwork. The powders effortlessly mix with the paint, creating a delightful fusion of hues. This technique is perfect for creating captivating underpainting effects or adding a touch of vibrancy to your pieces.

2. Color Mixing: Mix the Making Powders directly into your paint to create unique color combinations. With a range of 12 vibrant shades, you can easily customize your palette and experiment with mixing colors to achieve the perfect hue for your project. Let your creativity run wild as you explore the endless color possibilities.

3. Watercolor Effects: Mix these powders with water to create stunning watercolor effects. The sheerness of the powders allows you to achieve translucent washes of color, adding a delicate and ethereal touch to your artwork. Create dreamy landscapes, delicate florals, or abstract masterpieces with these incredible watercolors.

4. Dry Brush Technique: Apply the Making Powders directly onto your work undiluted using the dry brush technique. This method allows you to create textured and layered effects, adding depth and richness to your artwork. Experiment with different brush strokes and layering techniques to achieve your desired artistic vision.

5. Layering with Liquid Patina: Use Liquid Patina to create layers between pieces of your artwork. Apply the Making Powders between the layers to add a touch of shimmer and create visual depth. This technique is ideal for mixed media projects or when you want to add a professional finish to your artwork.

6. Translucent Glaze: Mix the Making Powders with Liquid Patina, Posh Chalk, or any of our many finishing products to create a translucent glaze. This glaze can be applied over your artwork to add a subtle shimmer and enhance the colors beneath. The translucent effect adds elegance and sophistication to any piece.

7. Customized Wax: Elevate your wax finishes by mixing the Making Powders with your wax. Create custom-colored waxes that perfectly complement your artwork. Whether you're adding depth to furniture, highlighting intricate details, or creating a vintage look, these customized waxes will enhance your finishing touches.

Debi's Design Diary Making Powders are a must-have for artists, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who loves to create. With their versatility and ability to transform your artwork, these powders will unlock a world of artistic possibilities. Experience the magic of Debi's Design Diary Making Powders and watch your creations come to life.



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