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DIY Paints

DIY PAINT - Fancy Farmgirl

DIY PAINT - Fancy Farmgirl

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Coral Cowgirl is a delicate balance of pink and peach reminiscent of a sunset cascading across the horizon. Pairs well with light, flowy fabrics and natural textures, Coral Cowgirl embodies a sense of femininity and tranquility.

This color is versatile and pairs beautifully with earthy tones such as beige, tan, and ivory, creating a harmonious and elegant look.

For a more bold and vibrant combination, Coral Cowgirl can be paired with shades of turquoise or teal, creating a striking contrast that captures attention.

  • 8 OZ SAMPLE JAR. ¬†Perfect for a small project like a chair or small side table.
  • 16 OZ PINT.¬† Usually more than enough to complete a good size piece of furniture.
  • 32 OZ QUART.¬† Covers approximately 150 square feet will cover several pieces of furniture.

1.  Clean & Dry object to be painted.
2.  Remove lid & stir thoroughly. (Sometimes you don't even need to stir our paint!  It's that good)
3.  Apply one coat & allow to dry. (15 min to a few hours to dry, depending on climate)
4.  Apply second coat, if needed.
5.  Allow second coat to dry.
6.  Seal surface with DIY Paint finishing product.


INGREDIENTS: Love, water, clay, porcelain clay, chalk, alcohol, ester (as a binder), cellulose, pigments, preservative.
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