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DIY Debbies Design Diary

DIY PAINT Brush - The Smoothie

DIY PAINT Brush - The Smoothie

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The Smoothie - Blend up Something delicious! 

Approximately 5.5 from end to end. 3inch wide ultra soft bristles great for blending.(2.5 oz)

These brushes have ultra soft synthetic bristles made for super smooth finishes and blending, all brushes are hand painted with a suede leather strap.

Brushes are great for paint, wax and top coat and transfer medium. 

And the gentle bristles means you can paint right on wet clay mould (with care of course) These buses are so soft, you might want to fight the urge to use them on your face!

And the color is a mermaid dream! 

Brushes sold individually.

Processing: Usually ships within 3-5 days. 

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