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DIY Debbies Design Diary

DIY Old and Grey Barnwood Liquid Patina

DIY Old and Grey Barnwood Liquid Patina

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Old & Grey Liquid Patina. This vintage-inspired formula adds a touch of nostalgic charm, giving your projects a timeless appeal. Achieve a beautifully distressed finish that captures the rustic essence of aged barn wood. With Old & Grey Liquid Patina, you can effortlessly create stunning home decor and furniture pieces that exude a weathered and vintage look. Let your creativity soar as you bring new life to your projects with this ultimate choice for achieving that perfect weathered and vintage aesthetic.

  • 8 OZ.
  • 16 OZ PINT.  

    1.  Allow DIY Paint to dry for 24 hours to ensure it is set before applying DIY Liquid Patina.
    2.  Pour a small amount directly onto your dry surface, and use a rag, sponge, or paintbrush to apply an even coat to the entire surface.
    1.  Work in small sections to avoid a patchy finish.
    2.  Apply a second coat to minimize brush strokes.


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