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Decorative Pair WUB1586 22x13cms

Decorative Pair WUB1586 22x13cms

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WoodUBend is a versatile addition to your creative projects. These WoodUbend moldings exhibit the properties of real wood when cool, providing you with the freedom to sand, stain, saw, distress, paint, drill, and nail them.

But here's where it gets exciting - when heated, these moldings become pliable and flexible, allowing you to effortlessly cut and adhere them to your flat or curved projects.

Crafted with precision, our third-generation WoodUbend moldings boast the highest compression rate and enhanced rollers, ensuring cleaner lines and consistent quality from molding to molding. To ensure safe transportation, we have upgraded the packaging with a wooden insert for added protection.


Weight: 0.458562 oz
Dimensions: 8.668 × 5.122 in

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