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Iron Orchid Designs

IOD Butterflies 12x12 Decor Stamp™

IOD Butterflies 12x12 Decor Stamp™

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Butterflies Clear Silicone Stamp by Iron Orchid Designs.  12" x 12" single sheet

Butterflies are all you'll find in this set. However they while they are cute, the details  on their butterfly bodies and butterfly wings sets these apart! Wait a second...There is a little creepy, thought delicately designed, moth that just made this not just another butterfly stamp. That's it, IOD just made our cold dark hearts happy. Stamp these individually, make some cool notecards,  stamps some jeans!  oh hey, look a bumble bee too!

For anyone who hasn’t used IOD stamps before, they’re essentially what they sound like:  A clear stamp - but it doesn’t stop there! 

While similar in function to stamps you used as a child -- IOD stamps are magical (no kidding!). They have the power to transform a piece of junk found on the side of the road to a show-stopping piece of home decor that you’ll have to convince your husband you didn’t spend your entire monthly budget on. For reals, they are that good.

And DIY home decor is just the tip of the creative iceberg. IOD stamps can be used in food art and DIY lifestyle projects, like taking a boring pair of jeans and stamping a beautiful bohemian design down the pant leg. 

Why we love  IOD stamps? They are made from durable materials and can be washed with soap and water. Use them on hard surfaces, or fabric! Crafts, Make a durable door hanger! Stamp your door, pillow cases. 

Order Processing:  Please allow 2-5 business days to process and have your fun items leave our doors. Hand painted items may take up to two weeks.  If there is a presale item in your cart, your entire order might be delayed two to four weeks to get these beautiful pieces out to you. Don't be dismayed, we promise it will be absolutely worth the wait. If you NEED your goodies sooner, please feel free to reach out, we can work something out together.

Everything you wanted to know about Iron Orchid Design Stamps

Why we love  IOD stamps? Besides having HARD but intricate designs such as this one, they are made from durable, food-safe material and can be washed with just soap and water. Use them on hard surfaces, or fabric. Make a cute butterfly hanger, or a spooky moth one! Stamp pillow cases, make some sweet looking cookies! Also see that you have a set of stamp inks, stamp pads  or brayers - also from the brand we are so sure you will love just as much as we do!  

Please do not use the same stamps for food and crafts. You're likely to get sick, and we don't mean that in the good way. 


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