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Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan Stencil - Meadow Flowers

Annie Sloan Stencil - Meadow Flowers

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Meadow Flowers stencil features delicate blooms of cow parsley, daisies, fritillaries and clover with wild grasses, reminiscent of the blossoms which brighten Port Meadow in Annie’s home of Oxford each summer.

This is a thoroughly versatile design in the grand tradition of botanical and floral stencils. It can be adapted to suit traditional, modern or retro Interiors depending on whether you use neutrals, brights, or strong pastel colours to render the design. Follow from walls to furniture to create a witty wildflower border.


  • For an understated or Classy look, try layering colors that are in similar tones, or that stay within the same family. Think monochormatic color theme. 
  • For an Artesanal,  Folk Art look: Combine bold colors on White or  Navy, or Black will create a fun folk art.   
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