Kitchen Lettering Concept and a few offerings

Kitchen Lettering Concept and a few offerings

Have you ever wanted to create a statement piece for your kitchen? I had this idea bouncing around in my head to make something large and eye-catching. I wanted to fill the empty space above my stove with something fantastic. Inspired by the popular 'EAT' signs made from various materials, I decided to create my own unique piece. Let me take you through the process and share some offerings that might inspire you to create your own stunning kitchen decor.

Finding the Perfect Font:
One day, while playing around with my Laser cutter, I accidentally opened all the fonts on my computer. Among them, I discovered a font that spoke to me. It was exactly what I had envisioned for my kitchen sign. Sometimes, the universe just delivers what you need at the right moment.

Choosing the Right Material:
Initially, I thought of using unfinished 1/4 inch cherrywood that I had been saving. However, cherrywood proved to be a bit challenging to work with due to its tendency to burn. But that's okay; sometimes, the best ideas come from happy accidents. I've had plenty of those in the past, like the creation of the Eternity Box.

Embracing Chalk Paint:
As a lover of chalk paints and their matte finish, I knew they would be perfect for this project. I dry-brushed the letters using Annie Sloan chalk paint in multiple colors: Aubusson Blue,  Old White, Burgundy, and Tilton -  until I achieved the desired layered chippy  effect to match Mom's inherited chicken prints. To add some distressing, I used a chippy brush and an IOD distressing stamp. Finally, I sealed the letters with Annie Sloan Chalp Paint Clear wax.

Creating Your Own Masterpiece:
If you're interested in making a similar sign, consider purchasing a set of 12" unfinished letters. These letters can be arranged to create a large sign, just like the one I made for my kitchen. Let us know, we can fire up our laser for your.  Let your creativity guide you, whether it's distressing the letters, using black with white accents, or even Transfer Gelling colorful card stock onto them (it's like Modpodge but...)  works on most surfaces and can double as a transfer gel. It is also compatible with Annie Sloan as well as an over all sealer that won't feel tacky when done, giving you and incredible consistent finish!

Here we used Transfer Gel by Artisan Enhancemnts  to apply cardstock to a wooden frame we made for our friend's wedding (edited July 4th 2023) and finished with with Clear Finish


Embrace your creativity and make a statement in your kitchen with a custom lettering concept. Whether you choose to distress, play with colors, or add unique finishes, the result will be a stunning piece of decor that reflects your personal style. Don't let cost deter you from creating large and beautiful pieces for your home. With a little inspiration and resourcefulness, you can transform your space into something truly special. Embrace happy accidents!




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