Nature’s Wood Stain - Specs and Info

Natures Wood Stain is a waterborne-alkyd, plant-based, interior and exterior stain. Formulated using next generation bio-based chemistry and sustainable materials.

  • Stabilized water-based solution
  • Zero VOC and Bio-Sustainable
  • Superior penetration/adhesion
  • Semi-transparent stain
  • Sold in 16oz (473ml) size containers

Use: Enhance inherent beautiful characteristics of unsealed wood, stone, concrete, and other textured porous surfaces. Natures Wood Stain™ colors can be layered, blended, and diluted with water to create multi-dimensional unique tones. Great for a variety of interior and exterior projects such as: furniture, cabinetry, decorative arts, woodwork, stone, plaster, and concrete.  Coverage- Approx. 140 Sq.Ft (13 sq. metres) per 32oz (945ml).

Prep: Review tip sheets online or visit your local retailer for additional detailed instructions. Previously painted/sealed surfaces will not accept stain readily. Stripping/sanding may be required prior to application. If stripping, wipe back the surface with clean water. Allow the surface to dry and off-gas for 24 hours to ensure no surface chemical residue remains prior to staining. Surfaces should be free of cleaner residue, dust, dirt, and debris. Before staining the entire surface, a test spot is recommended to detect surface interference.

Recommended Application: Stir from bottom up before use – Do not shake. Surfaces/wood react differently to stains, a test spot recommended. Using a quality tool, apply one even coat of stain. Recommended tools include- natural/synthetic bristle brush specified for stain applications, a roller (5-10mm), sponge brush stain applicator, or sprayer (pressure 1500-2500 psi, nozzle 0.013 – 0.017). To achieve deeper tones – Stain can be left on the surface (allowed to penetrate) without wiping back with a cloth. For a more transparent finish – While stain is still wet on the surface, wipe back with cloth, removing excess stain. Increase the depth (darkness) of the stain color by adding a second or third coat of stain. A second stain color can also be layered for custom tones. Recommended recoat time is approximately 2 hours. Additional coats should only be applied after the recommended dry/recoating times have elapsed. Do not apply product when air and surface temperatures are below 50°F (10°C).

Cure: Minimum cure time of 72 hours before use. For optimal results, allow surfaces to cure up to 1 week before use. Cure times may be extended due to number of coats, humidity, or cooler temperatures.

Additional Sealer (Optional): Sealers and wax can be applied to fully cured stained surfaces to increase sheen and smoothness of finish. Seal with Artisan Enhancements™ sealers or wax.

Care/Cleanup: Surface Care – Clean with a dry or damp soft microfiber cloth. Avoid excessive exposure to moisture. Avoid cleaning with harsh, caustic, or abrasive cleaners. Clean up & Storage- Easy clean up with soap and water. Seal the container tightly. Do not freeze or expose to direct sunlight/extreme heat. RECYCLE CONTAINERS in accordance with local laws.


Wood Stains FAQ:

Yes! If painting over surfaces stained with Nature’s Wood Stain™ we recommend allowing a full week cure time before painting over the stained surface.

Easy clean up with soap and water.

Yes! Nature’s Wood Stain™ can be sprayed. But requires a quality sprayer, fine mist nozzles, and sometimes a bit of dilution (but only if needed). Always be sure to test your spray pressure, your mist setting, and dilution before attempting on a piece.

Paint sprayer pressure: 1500-2500 psi 

Paint sprayer nozzle: 0.013 - 0.017

Recommended tools to apply Nature’s Wood Stain™ include- quality round brush or 25mm Flat Brush natural/synthetic bristle brush specified for stain applications, a roller (5-10mm), sponge brush stain applicator, or sprayer (pressure 1500-2500 psi, nozzle 0.013 – 0.017).

Recoat time: 2 hours

Cure Time: Minimum 72 hours (Optimal 1 week cure before use)Review the Nature’s Wood Stain™ Tip Sheet for additional application and cure instructions.

If desired, additional sealers and wax can be applied to fully cured stained surfaces to increase sheen and smoothness of finish. Allow stained surface to dry for a minimum of 72 hours before applying sealers or wax. After 72 hours of dry-time, additional colored waxes can be layered over the stained surface. Follow wax manufacturer’s instructions for wax application and cure time.

Nature’s Wood Stain™ can be diluted up to 10% but all dilutions will change the characteristics of the stain. Meaning, the color saturation, dry times, cure times, durability and sheen may be different after dilution. If diluting, we recommend starting with a 5% dilution of water on a test sample.

Yes! All Nature’s Wood Stain™ colors can be mixed and layered with other Nature’s Wood Stain™ colors to create custom stain colors and finishes. 

Tip Sheet: 

Weight 1.21 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 3.75 in
Stain Color

Roasted Pecan, Dark Walnut, Ebony, Java


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