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Iod Victoria 6x10 Iod Moulds

Iod Victoria 6x10 Iod Moulds

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Victoria 6x10 IOD Moulds

Why we loveIOD Moulds. Let me count thy ways! IOD Moulds are made from food
safe materials. This particular mold features a micro-rim, a raised edge around
each mould, which creates a crisp clean edge along the base of your casting.
Plus, you can use so many mediums: Think: polymer clay, most casting resins, air
dry clay, earthen clay, hot glue, wax and yes, chocolate! Put away the hook,
that's definitely not all foks! it has measuring marks too! WHAT?!. Washes with
soap and water, BPA free!

Order Processing:Please allow2-5 business days to process and have your fun
items leave our doors. Hand painted items may take up to two weeks. If there is
a presale item in your cart, your entire order might be delayed two to four
weeks to get these beautiful pieces out to you. Don't be dismayed, we promise it
will be absolutely worth the wait. If you NEED your goodies sooner, please feel
free to reach out, we can work something out together.

The IOD Moulds are made from food safe materials (do not use the same set for
food and crafts), and can be used to transform and create baked goods,
furniture, soaps, jewelry, and just about anything you can think up in that
creative brain of yours.



IOD Moulds can be used with many different mediums. We will cover the two most
common here. Every medium has its own characteristics, challenges, and virtues.

Air dry clay, or paper clay:IOD paper clay is an air dry medium, and one of our
favorites. Like most paper pulp based air dry clays, some shrinking, warping,
and cracking is inherent. We like these qualities for a distressed,
authentically vintage look. Our favorite way to apply moulded pieces is to
remove them from the mould while still moist, and adhere to the surface with the
appropriate glue so it conforms well. For vertical surfaces, use a piece of low
tack tape to hold it in place so it doesnt slide.

Casting resins:There are some great pourable resins available. These have
completely different qualities than the paper clay. There is no shrinking or
warping, and the castings are more consistent. Depending on the project, these
qualities can be helpful. If you need to conform them to a curved surface, this
can be done if removed from the mould before its completely hardened.
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