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Iod Brayer

Iod Brayer

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IOD Brayer

So what's this nifty little tool anyway? Let me tell you! Besides its cute
wooden handle, and you know we love wood here at the Stilwell House! This neat
little tool can be used to spread your inks, chalks or paints evenly across your
stamps. It is also excellent for burnishing, masking or evenly taping things
down. No more sore fingers! You can also use it to spread your ink into your
brand spanking new ink pads! And because it's not a foam roller, you get more
out of the inks and mediums than without it! And honestly the best
figit-er-outer artsy tool we have had the luxury to use when we're not rolling
on on a medium! Now that's versitile!

Order Processing:Please allow2-5 business days to process and have your fun
items leave our doors. Hand painted items may take up to two weeks. If there is
a presale item in your cart, your entire order might be delayed two to four
weeks to get these beautiful pieces out to you. Don't be dismayed, we promise it
will be absolutely worth the wait. If you NEED your goodies sooner, please feel
free to reach out, we can work something out together.
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