ChicaTiza Door Round Options - Painted V. Unpainted

This DIY Project is 16 inches (*Nominal at 15.6 inches) These are 3D, Laser cut items Door rounds which is perfect for having a wreath behind it. The Baseboard, or backing is 1/4 inch thick base board, and will layer 1/4 inch additional maple or birch ply. 

The Unpainted Option is all of the wooden backboard and elements that nestle and fit together, and includes two hanging options in the box. It does not, however include any paint, additional supplies like greenery or ribbon unless specified otherwise. 

The hand-painted option is truly hand painted and because we mix our own colors using high quality Annie Sloan Paints, to assure vibrancy. And because we are humans painting these the color mix might vary slightly, but we  do select the best coordinating colors that work best in person and these might not always translate to our mock-up or examples.  Please  be sure to add your colors at check out. If no selections are made, we will make every effort to reach out, if we cannot reach you for your custom order, we will default to sending the FIRST image on the  listing at the time of purchase!